Lyoto Machida vs Thiago Silva Fight Video UFC 94

It is very rare for fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to go undeafeted. It is evenmore rare that two well established fighters in the UFC who are undefeated face each other. This is the case with the match-up between Lyoto Machida vs Thiago Silva. both these brazilians will be competing for a possible shot at the light Heavyweight division.

Lyoto Machida is well known for his awkward style. he is the only fighter in mma who bring world class karate strikin inside the octagon. This combined with his wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu skillshas made him a formnidable opponent. Thiago Silva on the other hand brings great Muy Thai skills combined with world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Lyoto Machida vs Thiago Silva video brings one of the most anticipated matchs as the co-main event.

BJ Penn Vs Lyoto Machida Fight Video

Lyoto Machida is one of the elite fighters in the world. when BJ Penn was going to fight him, a lot of mma fans were suprised. This was simply becouse of the huge weight difference between these two competitors. BJ Penn put on about 20 pounds to fight Machida at his weight. The fight short of a classic was a battle of wills with Machida getting the better of BJ Penn.

Lyoto won this fight through a hard fought decision.

Vitor Belfort vs Rich Franklin Fight Video

Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort makes hs comeback to the Ultimate Fighting Championship after leaving and fighting for other mma organisations. In his comeback fight he faces of against the popular former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich “Ace” Franklin The vent where the fight is taking place is UFC 103.

Quinton Jackson May Be Charged with Manslaughter

In a recent report, it was rumoured that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was involved in an accident which caused a women to have a miss-carriage. This has now been confirmed by our inside sources that this is true.

rampage accident
Picture of Quinton Jackson Arrested

The accident took place on July 15th after Quinton Jackson was involved in a police chase from California through Cosa Mesa to Newport Beach. During this time, he hit a few cars, one of which was a 2007 Cadillac Escalade. The driver of that car was Holli Griggs, the 38-year-old woman who was 16 weeks pregnant. It has been reported that Quinton Jackson sideswiped her in his monster truck, and as such has suffered a miscarriage. The women’s fiancĂ© stated to a news paper that doctors had been concerned when they noticed a significant loss of fluid in Griggs’ womb following the accident.

These are very serious allegations against the former UFC Champion who just recently lost his title to Forrest Griffin.

We have learnt from close relative of the Grigg’s family in California that they will be pursuing to sue Quinton Jackson for manslaughter. The police have confirmed to the Grigg’s that these charges that are going to be bought against him. If this is carried out, it will surely end the career of the colorful former UFC Champion.

Prior to release of this information Jackson was transported to the Costa Mesa City Jail where he was booked for felony evading, reckless driving and hit and run. He was released on $25,000 bail by UFC President Dana White.

It is quite clear, that this story is going to continue further and we shall keep you posted.

Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami

This is a fight between to UFC Veterens in a different organisation. Despite the strigent regulations, there was a problem of communication. Anderson Silva ended up executing a illegal move which resulted in a disqualification of “The Spider”. after the fight Silva stated that he was not explained the rules properly and thought the up kick was allowed which resulted in his disqualification. What can be said is that the only way to solve this problem is to allow both fighters to face each other again. This is possible becouse both fighters are in the same organisation which is the UFC. The fight was won Yushin Okami.

Andrei Arlovski vs Brett Rogers Fight Video

One of the best heavyweight in the world Andrei Arlovski faces Brett Rogers at the Strikeforce event. Rogers is not considered by many as a top ten heavyweight. However after this fight all that changes.

Diego Sanchez vs Clay Guida Fight Video

Clay “The Carpenter” Guida faces of against the grappling powerhouse Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez in the main event at TUF 9. Expect this fight to be explosive and quick paced as both fightersare known for relentless style.

Josh Barnett vs Gilbert Yvel Fight Video

This fight is bound to be explosive. Josh Barnett has been consistently ranked in the top five for over ten years. Being a former UFC champion, he is a well rounded and is solid in both his stand up as well as his ground game. He has fought against some of the best fighters in the world including winning against some of the best like Randy Couture.

Gilbert Yvel also has a long record of wins in both mma and kickboxing competitions. He mainly is a striker with decent submisson defence.

Josh Barnett vs Gilbert Yvel video covers the full fight

Antonio Margarito vs Sugar Shane Mosley

Antonio Margarito after a career defining fight against Miguel Cotto makes a return to gace the future hall of famer ShaneMosley for the welterweight championship. Margaito is a three time Welterweight Champion and Mosley is a former three weight world champion. Antonio Margarito’s WBA welterweight title defense against “Sugar” Shane Mosley, who is considered on of the best pound for pound fighters, will be taking place on Saturday 24th, January at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.

Antoni Margarito who resides from Tijunana, Mexico, has a record of 37 wins with five losses. He has 27 knockouts on his record. Margarito is comming aof a sensational vicory bey beating Miguel Cotton in July of 2008. The fight is considered by many to be one of the best performances in the past decade by a boxer. This victory produced his third world championship belt in the welterweight division. In addition it also solidified his position as one of boxing’s top pound-for-pound fighters.

Sugar Shane Mosley of Pomona, California has a record of 45 wins and five losses. Out of his 45 wins he has 38 knockouts on his record. He, by many experts is considered on of the most accomplished fighters of his generation. he makes a comeback against Margarito after his 12th-round knockout victory of former world junior middleweight champion Ricardo Mayorga on September 27, 2008.

On Saturday 24th, January at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, both fighters will face is to further solidify their legacy and go on to bigger and better things. The favorite for the win between these two fighters is Maragarito. However, if there is a fighter that can cause problems for Margarito it is Shane Mosley.

The fight is being billed as one of the best competative fight in the past 4 years. The winner will surley see his stock rise in the world of boxing.