Lyoto Machida vs Thiago Silva Fight Video UFC 94

It is very rare for fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to go undeafeted. It is evenmore rare that two well established fighters in the UFC who are undefeated face each other. This is the case with the match-up between Lyoto Machida vs Thiago Silva. both these brazilians will be competing for a possible shot at the light Heavyweight division.

Lyoto Machida is well known for his awkward style. he is the only fighter in mma who bring world class karate strikin inside the octagon. This combined with his wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu skillshas made him a formnidable opponent. Thiago Silva on the other hand brings great Muy Thai skills combined with world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Lyoto Machida vs Thiago Silva video brings one of the most anticipated matchs as the co-main event.