Lyoto Machida

Born on the 30th of May, 1978 in Salvador, Brazil, Lyoto Machida is the son of well known Shotokan Karate Fighter, Yoshizo Machida. Lyoto is nicknamed, “The Second Inoki”, by the Japanese media, he is a professional mixed martial arts fighter. He is quite famous for his unusual and semi-orthodox style of fighting. Just like a Karate practitioner, Lyoto uses an unorthodox or southpaw stance. He is also quite well-known for his utlization of Shotokan karate techniques in his fights. Lyoto Machida has a MMA record of 11 – 0 – 0 (Win – Loss – Draw) of which 3 were by knockout, 1 by submission and 7 by decision.

Many see Lyoto Machida, as a rising star in mixed martial arts, a lot of people have high expectations and hopes for him. His varied victories over different fighters such as B.J. Penn a former UFC Welterweight champion, Stephan Bonnar, Rich Franklin have definitely added to his popularity. Lyoto currently fights with the likes of fighters such as
Vitor Belfort, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, UFC Middleweight champion, Anderson Silva et al.

Lyoto Machia began training in Karate at the young age of three. He later trained in Sumo, when he was around 12. At 15 he learned the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He won a couple of amateur karate tournaments while he was a youth. For example, in 2001 he won the Pan American Karate Tournament. In 2000, at the the Brazilian Sumo Championship, he was runner up in the 115 kg divison.

Hi education and degree have helped in his career. Lyoto Machida’s has a college degree in Physical Education. He was introduced to a Japanese professional wrestling champion, namely Antonio Inoki, while he was in college. Antonio Inoki took Lyoto under his wing and groomed him as a protege. Much later Lyoto took up training at the New Japan Pro Wrestling dojo in Tokyo, he trained in wrestling here. He also did his training at Muay Thai in Thailand. Inoki played a huge role in promoting Lyoto on a large scale. A lot of promotion was made when Lyoto defeated Kengo Watanabe, in the 2003, New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Ultimate Crush Card.

Ironically, Chinzo, Lyoto’s brother was a Shotokan vice-champion, of Australia Open 2006. Both he and his brother fought in 1997 in a championship karate match. At this match, Lyoto was brutally injured and he got a major scar on his face. This scar is visible on his face even to this day.

Lyoto has a very unusual and unique fighting technique. He is also well known for using different karate styles while fighting. The Ushiro Geri karate kick is one of the common techniques that he uses. Sam Hoger and Sam Greco were witness of this Ushiro Geri Karate kick during their fights with him. He used a leg sweep on B.J.Penn. He knocked out Rich Franklin by performing Shotokan Karate’s “deal technique”. What is unique with Lyoto’s fighting technique, is that he waits for his opponent to attack, as the opponent begins to move, he makes his move even before the opponent can connect a punch.

Currently he is the Light Heavyweight Champion of the UFC.