Wanderlei Silva Interview At His New Gym

Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva is one of the most prominent fighters in the UFC. Many consider him to be a pioneer of the sport because of his aggressive style of striking and great ground skills. Silva dominated the Pride FC middleweight division for over 5 years which included victories over fighters such as Quinton Jackson, Sakuraba and Dan Henderson.

His move to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has resulted in varied success. He has lost 2 out of three fights with his most recent loss to his long time adversary Quinton Jackson.

Wanderlei Silva who now has moved down from light-heavyweight to a Middleweight fighter, is interviewed by Dave Farra who is a host on the MMA Fix show. Silva takes us on a tour of his new Gymnasium which he has opened in Las Vegas aptly called Wand Fight Team.

In this interview Wanderlei Silva talks about his upcoming fight against the former middleweight champion Rich “Ace” Franklin in UFC 99. He also discusses how he would have changed his strategy with his fight against Quinton Jackson. Furthermore he gives his recent take on te greasing allegations towards Georges St Pierre.